Our Mission

Most people just yawn when they hear terms like ‘income tax’ or ‘government budget’. After all, no one has time to try to make sense of those ludicrously complex budgetary figures.

However, if we continue to rely solely on the integrity of government officials and trust that they are allocating our tax money honestly, then Ukraine will never realize its true economic potential. Officials continue to hide behind the complexity of ‘budget science’ and spend with little or no accountability.

Therefore, with this very problem in mind, we at CASE Ukraine have decided to launch The Price of the State website. Our mission is to paint a clear picture of how the government spends your tax money by breaking down incomprehensible economic figures and providing them in a manner that the average citizen can understand. Hence, we firmly believe that as long as Ukrainian citizens are armed with the proper awareness of what goes on in their government, they will be able to hold elected officials accountable in the fight against corrupt governance practices.

For general inquiries, please write to malukha@case-ukraine.kiev.ua

Our Team