Progress as of 30/09/2021
Ministry of Social Policy
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Education and Science
Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Internal Affairs
State Agency for Roads
Ministry of Justice
State Judicial Administration
National Security Agency
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Infrastructure
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources
State Prosecutor’s Office
Ministry of Economic Development and Commerce
Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, and Housing
Regional Administrations
Ministry of Youth and Sport
Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Foodstuffs
National Academy of Sciences
National Academy of Medicine
Ministry of Energy and Environment Protection
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
State Agency for Information Security
Foreign Intelligence Agency
Chief Directorate of Defense Intelligence, Ministry of Defense
President of Ukraine
Parliament of Ukraine
Ministry of Industrial Policy
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Supreme Court of Ukraine
State Protective Service
National Academy of Agricultural Sciences
National Anti-Corruption Agency
State Space Agency
National Anti-Corruption Bureau
State Property Fund
State Agency for Energy and Utilities Regulation
State Auditing Chamber
Electoral Commission of Ukraine
Supreme Anticorruption court
Constitutional Court of Ukraine
Academy of Education Sciences
State Antitrust Agency
State Agency for Civil Service Affairs
Security and Defense Council of Ukraine
High Council of Justice of Ukraine
State Agency for Securities and the Stock Market
Ombudsman of Ukraine
State Regulatory Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting
National Academy of Law
State Agency for Information Technology
State Agency for Nuclear Energy
State Regulatory Agency
National Academy of the Arts
Supreme intellectual property rights
High Commercial Court of Ukraine
High Civil and Criminal Court of Ukraine
High Administrative Court of Ukraine
State Agency for Financial Services
Ministry of Information Policy
State Revenue Service
State Agency of Television and Radio Broadcasting