How Can You Join Us?

We strive to bring to the fruits of our work to as many interested people as possible. We believe that it is beneficial to everyone. You, thanks to our work, will learn something valuable and new, meet like-minded individuals, have a forum to express your point of view and become involved in work that is beneficial to society. We, to your input, will be on the receiving end of many interesting ideas and will expand the scope of our work. Moreover, in global terms, this co-operation will significantly contribute to the creation of a new type of society in Ukraine – one that is knowledgeable, responsible, active and united.

We are in need of various services. Here are some examples:

We offer two forms of cooperation with our work: volunteering and internships.

Our collaboration with volunteers is not limited by any formalities or set of obligations. The type of work and the amount of time spent is determined on an individual-by-individual basis. If you wish to become a volunteer for The Price of the State, please fill out the form.

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Our internship program is designed for students and young professionals. It is assumed that interns will take on more responsibilities than volunteers. If you want to become an intern for The Price of the State please send the necessary documents to begin the application process.

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